Information & Pricing

Kirala Türkiye

  1. Stand sales for Rent It Turkey - VİPP 2021 Exhibition has commenced. This is a co-organized exhibition with KOMATEK2021. Reservations will be taken according to application order. Thus it is recommended that interested parties to apply as soon as possible indicating their preference of stands and get in touch with our sales staff in order to make an appropriate choice.
  2. Our exhibition area is divided into two main sections. The area in Hall H2 indicated as is the indoor area of the exhibition and has up to 8 meters as stand depths. Area indicated as is the outdoor area of both exhibitions.
  3. Participants will have two options as "with booth" or as "space only". Exhibitors requesting indoor space with booths will be furnished with 1m x 2.48 m MDF panelled walls, rib carpet flooring, company name on stand facia, one 100W spotlight per 3 sqm and one triple socket 220V/2KW power outlet.
  4. Exhibitors requesting indoor space without booths will be furnished with concrete flooring and with marked boundaries only. Exhibitors will have to decorate the whole area themselves.
  5. Outdoor areas will be delivered as asphalt/concrete flooring with marked boundaries.
  6. Stand reservations will be held for a maximum of two weeks. If it is not completed into a Contract for Participation the reservation will be void and hence that area will be alocated to the next requesting participant. Sales are subject to 50% payment on Contract for Participation signing and the remaining to be paid latest by 31 March 2021. 18% VAT will be added to prices.
  7. Scaling is 25 sqm (5x5 m) for outdoor areas and 1 sqm (1x1 m) for Halls H1-H2 and 25 sqm (5x5 m) for Halls H3-H4 indoor areas.
Indoor Area (space only)
0 - 150 m2
130 €/m2
151 - 250 m2
120 €/m2
251 - 750 m2
110 €/m2
750+ m2
90 €/m2
Standard Booth
10 €/m2
Outdoor Area
0 - 250 m2
50 €/m2
251 - 750 m2
45 €/m2
750+ m2
40 €/m2